Company Profile
Established in 2001, CENWAN Sensing Technology Co., covering an area of 8,000 square meters, having more than 80 employees.

CENWAN is a professional sensor manufacturer, after nearly 20 years of development, the company has more than 10,000 products, covering more than 4,000 models at home and abroad.

In the next few years, CENWAN will focus on the sensor research of new energy vehicles and driverless technology, aim to achieve the leading level in the research, manufacture, sales and service of automotive sensor system.
Dear friend:
Welcome to CENWAN. I'm sam,the G-manager of CENWAN,
It's my pleasure to introduce CENWAN to you!
Our products:
01. Crankshaft Position Sensor(CKP)
02. Camshaft Position Sensor(CMP)
03. Throttle Position Sensor(TPS)
04. Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor(MAP)
05. Exhaust Air Pressure Sensor(DPF)
06. Wheel Speed Sensor(ABS)
07. Coolant Water Temperature Sensor
08. Odometer Sensor(Speed)
09. Air/Oil Pressure Sensor
10. Fuel Tank Gauge Sensor
11. Knock Sensor
12. Electronic Pressure Sensor
13. Park Assist Sensor
14. Intake Air Temperature Sensor
15. Exhaust Gas (EGR) Temperature Sensor
16. Brake Pad Wear Sensor
17. Displacement/Height Sensor
18. Coolant Level Sensor
19. Thermo Switch
20. Air/Oil Pressure Switch
21. Stop/Reverse Light Switch
22. A/C Refrigerant Pressure Switch
About us:
1. We are the manufacturer,Located in RUIAN,CHINA
2. We mainly produce sensor&switch
3. We running IATF 16949:2016 system
4. We are spending more than 200 thousand dollars a year in development.
5. We have advanced testing equipment
6. Our products sell well in more than 50 countries
7. We have many OEM projects with world-renowned manufacturers
8. We attend more than 10 fair around the world every year
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